Tiny Love Stories

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‘I Was Married to a Terrible Man’

‘Feeling Awkward Flirting With a Younger Woman’

‘Surrounded by Family and Fireworks, I Finally Lit the Fuse’

‘That Was My First Inkling’

‘To Die with Perfect Abs’

‘My Father Was a Poet Who Wrote Endlessly About Feet’

‘I Hated Myself Because of the Way I Looked’

‘We Met at a Gay Bar Called Woody’s’

‘A Handsome Man Seeking a Larger Home’

‘Also, He’s a Magician’

‘He Said We Were Missing “The Magic”’

‘God, You Can Kiss’

‘A Rarity in Paris’

‘The Schoolhouse Taught Me What Marriage Didn’t’

‘The Problem Was He Smelled Really Good’

‘The One-Liners Kept Coming’

‘Are You Your Father’s Daughter?’

‘My Family Owned Your House’

‘She Was Scared He Would Forget Her’

‘Another Attempt to Make Life Better’

‘When Mom Left’

‘Why Did I Choose Her?’

‘She Noticed His Stylish Shoes’

‘His Wife Invited Me Over’

‘The Middle of a Post-Divorce Breakdown’

‘You Are Meant to Be With a Woman’

‘He’s a Minimalist; I’m a Hoarder’

‘Looking for a Casual Fling’

‘Something Told Me to Stay’

‘Remember How Obnoxious I Was?’

‘It All Began So Innocently’


‘My First Post-Divorce Christmas’

‘I’m Shrinking, but I Don’t Tell Him’

‘Not the Romance I’d Imagined’

‘The Unspoken Question Between Us’

‘We’d Lost the American Dream’

‘It’s a Rom-Com Opening, Baby!’

‘Don’t Marry Your Boyfriend’

‘I Got Married to Avoid Myself’

‘I Shied Away From Telling Him’

‘You Have Me Now’

‘Not Especially Beautiful, Intelligent, Affectionate’

‘Were They Just Using Me?’

‘To the Skinny Girl with Sad Eyes’

‘Skin to Skin, We Are Drinking Beers at 3 p.m.’

‘To My Surprise, This Charming Man Began to Cry’

‘I Know Something She Doesn’t’

‘All Women Are Psychic’

‘Now That We’re Married, What’s Your Name?’

Oh, August!

‘Take a Bath With Me’

‘I Felt Like a Particle of Light’

‘Gay, Dominant, Single, White, Female’

‘Her Smooth Leg Brushing Mine’

‘Who I Was Without a Wedding Ring’

‘My Entire Body Shook With Passionate Interest’

‘I Left Any Room She Entered’

‘I Wore an Orange Wig’

‘Between Black and White Boys’

‘I Watched Him Kiss Someone New’

‘Everyone Knew but Him’

‘I Never Saw My Parents Kiss’

‘Deeply in Love With a Polyamorous Woman’

‘The Night Before She Moves Away’

‘I Missed My Children, but I Needed My Mom’

‘Crying in the Driveway’

‘If Our Lives Were Novels’

‘I Would Shamefully Lower My Gaze’

‘What the Ukrainian Grandmothers Have Written’

‘Several Failed First Dates’

‘Not an Ode to Breasts’

‘Her Gifts Drove Me Crazy’

‘The Deceptively Sunny Day’

‘We Could Have Been Friends’

‘A Healthy Skepticism About Men’

‘This Man Who Shattered My Life’

‘Where Is Your Valentine Tonight?’

‘My Parents Fought a Lot’

‘Want to Come Over?’

‘The Cause of My Misery’

‘Destined for Singlehood’

‘The Luxury of Her Attention’

‘A Wife Who Left’


‘He Knows Better by Now’

‘Meet Me Under the Bridge at 5 A.M.’

‘I Decided to Be Brutally Honest’

‘Her Dreams of Infidelity’

‘The Only Way I’ll Meet a Man’

‘I Broke Your Heart, You Broke My Rib’

‘Why Aren’t You Married?’

‘The Men I’ve Begged to Stay’

‘I Love Drama’

‘We Hadn’t Made Love in Months’

‘A Truth I Had Tried to Ignore’

‘The Most Beautiful Woman I Ever Saw’

‘You Are Unmatchable’

‘I Blamed My Anxiety’

‘When I Hate My Husband’

‘I Want a Divorce’

‘A Couple With Nothing to Talk About’

‘Fond of the Little Fellow’

Summer Loving

‘Just Like Me, but Hotter’

‘Plenty of Parents Don’t Like Their Children’

‘If You Decide to Flirt With a Stranger’

‘We Should Drop the Charade’

‘I Get So Weird Near Girls’

‘A Woman Who Had Only Dated Men’

‘Joy Waits for No One’

‘I Was 20 and He Was 60’

‘You Never Call Me Anymore’

‘I Begged Him for a Sign’

‘We Discovered Pleasure’

‘We Slow-Danced on the Sidewalk’

‘Queer in Appalachia’

‘We Sent Love Through Our Thumbs’

‘We Never Asked; He Never Explained’

‘I Quietly, Foolishly Eloped’

‘Our Most Mundane Conversations Became Contentious’

‘The Empty City Was Our Playground’

‘It’s Hard to Tell Family About Sex, Love or Money’

‘I Really Didn’t Want to Hurt Her’

‘So Fragile I Had to Look Away’

‘He Was My Mother’s Type, Not Mine’

‘Never Good Enough, Never Skinny Enough’

‘The Third Time She Left Me’

‘I Cried Without Knowing Why’

‘An Invitation to His Bed’

‘Be Grateful We Have Different Last Names’

‘Long After My Ex Had Stopped Caring’

‘I Chased Her Shamelessly’


‘Too Beautiful to Be in Ruins’

‘Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian’

‘A Child I’ll Never Meet’

‘I Felt Desire Overshadow Fear’

‘Your Husband Will Probably Leave You Now’

‘I Forced Cinderella to Scrub the Stage Floor’

‘I Only Sort of Hope He’s Happy’

‘His Skin Against Mine’

‘With You, I Can Be a New Person’

‘At the Halloween Party, Anxious to Go Home’

‘Who Has Time to Feel All Day?’

‘An Idyllic Trip to Salvage Our Romance’

‘We Couldn’t Stop Ourselves’

‘Conversation Is Great Foreplay’

‘My Body Told a Different Story’

‘The Most Beautiful Man I Had Ever Seen’

‘My First Love Called Me a Vacation’

‘I Laughed Out Loud to Nobody in Particular’

The Best of Tiny Love Stories

‘Every Relationship Has Its Hiccups, Yet…’

‘My Marriage Lasted Just Eight Months’

‘We Kissed With the Sink Running’

‘Don’t Date People in Your Neighborhood’

‘Who Was I to Deprive Him of Joy?’

‘Knowing When to Let Go’

‘He Kissed It Better’

‘She Adored Having a Gay Son’

‘Brave Enough to Unearth What’s Buried’

‘Never Forget Me’

‘Two Days Later, He Moved Into My Loft’

‘I Was Right. Love Can Never Be Compared.’

‘Sex Is Our Antidote to Loss’

‘Nothing My Husband Did Helped’

‘We Stayed Until No One Else Was Left’

‘Every Morning We Got Up and Did It Again’

‘Why Can’t You Find Someone?’

‘My First Spring Without Her’

‘You’ll Understand Someday’

‘Relieved About a Friend’s Failure’

‘So Relieved About a Friend’s Failure’

‘I Didn’t Want Her to Stay Long’

‘Mommy, Why Don’t You Have a Boyfriend?’

‘Mami Sent Me to Check You Out’

‘I Had to Take Your Picture’

‘We Are Not Ready for Real Life’

‘I Remove My Wedding Ring’

‘What Will You Miss if You Leave Him?’

‘She Was a Little Weirdo’

‘He Had the Nicest Toes’

‘Stay With Me Until Morning’

‘The Seven Year Itch’

‘How About We Don’t Speak Tonight?’

‘Sadness Slips Quietly Out the Door’


‘Like Looking Into a Mirror’

‘My Lesbian Hallmark Christmas Film Fantasy’

6 Tiny Love Stories for the Holiday Season

‘Tears Start Before My Feet Stop’

‘We Met During a Bomb Threat’

‘The Sex Is Still Spectacular’

‘We Could Only See Each Other’s Eyes’

‘It Soothes Me to Know Someone So Gentle’

‘I Had a Lot of Feelings and Nowhere to Put Them’

‘We Call Ourselves the Smalls’

‘Do I Always Tilt My Head Like That?’

‘Our Refuge From Reality’

‘A Never-Been-Kissed 23-Year-Old’

‘We Kissed Through Our Masks’

‘We Shared a Small Bed and a Single Pillow’

‘I Didn’t Want to Like Him’

‘Should I Download Grindr Again?’

‘The Loneliness He Made Me Feel’

‘Alarmed to See My Mother Calling’

‘I Asked My Husband to Leave for a Week’

‘Lenny Was Supposed to Fall for the Other Iris’

‘I Couldn’t Ignore What That Silence Told Me’

‘I Almost Left Him Three Times’

‘My Parents Never Called’

‘Monogamous Birds of N.Y.C.’

‘We Gave Up, but Her Hair Didn’t’

‘She Wanted to Save the World’

‘I See the Worst of Myself in Her’

“I Googled ‘Crisis’”

‘A Tipsy, Celebratory State of Bliss’

‘My Mother Has Been a Nanny for Six Families’

‘Why Aren’t You Happy?’

‘It’s OK if You Meet Someone’

‘Why Obsess Over Expectations?’

‘A Picture of Me Looking at You’

‘Cute Smile, Funny Caption, Why Not?’

‘Sometimes a Romantic Plan Isn’t Enough’

‘In Her World, There’s No Pandemic Outside’

‘Alone in My Room, Crying, Eating Cake’

‘The Dumbest Fight I’ve Ever Been In’

‘We Met, and Then the City Shut Down’

‘You Find Yourself Lying Once Again in His Bed’

‘No Dates, No Love, No Hope?’

‘Our Second Baby Turned Us Into Business Partners’

‘How Do You Think I Got Thighs Like These?’

‘The Twin Bed We Were Forced to Share’

‘We Were Never Going to Venmo the Same $15 Again’

‘We Entered the Stormy Landscape of Polyamory’

‘I Worried About Telling Him My Age’

‘His Shirtless Picture Caught My Eye’

‘You Feel Good. Is This Good?’

‘I Taught Her How to Amputate a Leg’

‘Our Best Selves, Even If It’s Too Late’


A New Year’s Instagram Flirtation

‘A Dishonest, Possibly-Cheating-on-Me Boyfriend’

‘The Chart Said “Break up,” So We Did’

‘How to Survive a Broken Heart (With Pictures)’

‘We Were So Fit, So Young, So Beautiful’

She Lost Her Acrylic Nail in a Pie

‘From Romantic Tragedy to Romantic Comedy’

‘We Kissed Behind the Clothing Donation Bin’

‘I Couldn’t Breathe — or Cancel’

‘She Was Too Cool to Wear a Costume’

‘That Poor Pumpkin Needs Someone to Love It’

‘It Was Unsettling to Find Myself Still Single at 36’

‘I’m Glad I Never Listened to Him’

‘She Is Not a Mistake’

‘Looking for a Woman of Incredibly Poor Judgment’

‘It Wasn’t the Sex That Hurt, but the Lying’

He Needed Me to Remain a Fantasy

‘I Wish You Were a Little Thinner’

‘I Didn’t Think I’d Be Dating in My 80s’

‘How Come You Rarely Told Me You Loved Me?’

It Started at Woodstock

‘He Should Propose, Right?’

‘We’re Not Dating, but We’re Still Sleeping Together’

‘I’ve Been Mostly Dead All Day’

‘Will You Please Forgive Me?’

‘Rabbis Do That?’

‘In the Summer, We Sleep Naked’

‘My Ex Moved Out, a Rat Moved In’

‘Our Families Couldn’t Know’

‘47 Meals With 47 Men’

‘The Most Beautiful Hands I’ve Ever Seen’

‘Hey’ Is Not ‘Heyy’

‘My Husband Is Not My Son’

‘I. Was. So. Over. It.’

‘Sex Cures Everything’

‘He Left Me on April Fools’ Day’

‘I Kept Falling in Love With Other People’

‘20 Years in the Friend Zone’

‘Relationships Are Like Shoes’

‘We Sometimes Pretend We Are Strangers’

‘Would We Ever Be Together Again?’

Australia Edition

‘She Moaned Longingly at My McFlurry’

‘Feeling Hopeless About Marriage. On Valentine’s Day! ’

‘Who Are You Sleeping With?’

‘The Pink Was Wrong. The Name Was Too.’

‘I Gout You, Babe’

Date Night? Yeah Right

‘You Can’t Escape Heartbreak or Capitalism’

‘Don’t Message Me if You Can’t Handle a Real Woman’


‘If You’re Reading This, Nick, I Love You’

‘We Need to End Whatever This Is’

‘We Were Wearing Identical Lederhosen’

‘His Friends Begged Me to Slap Him.’

‘She Expected Me to Run. I Stayed.’

I Said, ‘I Love You.’ He Said, ‘Thanks.’

‘Are You Sure He Was Boring?’

A Highway Kiss and a Rare Connection

Dog Parades, Rowing-Machine Romance and a Hurricane

‘Get Up. It’s O.K. I’m Right Here With You.’

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