Tiny Love Stories

Here is a complete set of the Modern Love Tiny Love Stories, via the .

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‘Feeling Hopeless About Marriage. On Valentine’s Day! ’

‘Who Are You Sleeping With?’

‘The Pink Was Wrong. The Name Was Too.’

‘I Gout You, Babe’

Date Night? Yeah Right

‘You Can’t Escape Heartbreak or Capitalism’

‘Don’t Message Me if You Can’t Handle a Real Woman’


‘If You’re Reading This, Nick, I Love You’

‘We Need to End Whatever This Is’

‘We Were Wearing Identical Lederhosen’

‘His Friends Begged Me to Slap Him.’

‘She Expected Me to Run. I Stayed.’

I Said, ‘I Love You.’ He Said, ‘Thanks.’

‘Are You Sure He Was Boring?’

A Highway Kiss and a Rare Connection

Dog Parades, Rowing-Machine Romance and a Hurricane

‘Get Up. It’s O.K. I’m Right Here With You.’